Sidel Combi

Sidel,being a leader in this industry, has developed this industry benchmark at least8 to 10 years before any of its competition in the 1990’s. It’s the CombiSolution. In simple terms, the combi solution, had combined the blower and thefiller / capper into one machine. This system, have many benefits and very fewdisadvantages if any. Through this technology, Sidelhave been able to eliminate the rinser and the air conveyors. Thus yielding ahigher efficiency, less required footprint, less required spare parts, lessenergy consumption, and higher hygienic environment. Today this system hasbecome the industry norm, and has in frosted Sidel'sposition the world leader.

Sidel Aseptic tecnology (Predis)

Being part of Tetra Laval Group, Sidel, has always been keen ondeveloping solutions for the sensitive product industry (Juice and Milk). Sidel had a breakthrough in the Aspetic field, byintroducing its Predis. Predis is able to provide a 10 log environment, whiledrastically reducing the consumption of disinfectants and being able to providelonger aspetic runs, making much more cost effective to fill PET bottles in anaseptic environment.

Sidel Labelling

Having run a complet makeover for alfa labeling machines, the new Sidel Labeler is an industry benchmark. Efficient,Versatile, accurate and ultra high speed. The completely new matrix machine, isnothing like its alfa predecessor and more like SidelBlower, Sidel Filling, Combi and Predis.