SAS wasfounded in 2006 by  3 Beverage Experts,with a combined 50 years of experience with major international beveragecompanies in the region.

Namely Riad Sabra, Sherif El Bakary, and Mohamed Awad.

Together they joined forces To Created SAS presenting Sidel Group in Egypt, Libya,Sudan, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. SASbegan to form its vision as the leading bottling partner in the region,supported by the representation of Sidel. Itthen began to empower its after sales force, increasing it from 6 engineers in2006 to 25

Qualified and Trained Field Service Engineers. Building on its knowledgeof the Beverage Industry, it provides complete solution, which include,Beverage

Development, Project Management, Process Equipment, and piping, HRRecruitment, F&B Consumable, through representing and creating alliance

with various regional and international company in the field.